Help us build a better future for the children who need it most. image

Help us build a better future for the children who need it most.

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Massachusetts Children’s Alliance helps build a better future for the children who need it most, by:

  • Promoting interventions that work
  • Delivering effective educational programming
  • Being a voice for child victims at the State House
  • Mobilizing communities to have tough but necessary conversations about child abuse

This year, despite the ongoing pandemic, MACA continued to pioneer the most promising, leading-edge ways that help victims of child abuse receive the best possible care, with:

  • 6,133 child victims of abuse served by our 12 member Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs).
  • 8,201 recovery resources provided, including mental health interventions, medical exams, forensic interviews and referrals.
  • 2,100 professionals engaged through 20 trainings on leading-edge therapeutic interventions, racial equity and capacity building.

We also expanded our programs:

  • Grew our Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Service Enhancement Project, giving more victims access to the gold standard of care. MACA convenes a CSEC Leadership Advisory Board composed of agency leaders to strengthen the statewide response to CSEC, and we are working to assess needs and develop best practice standards for responding to youth impacted by commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Led statewide awareness and interventions for children showing problematic sexual behavior (PSB). MACA brings experts to Massachusetts to train clinicians and community change teams, and offers an ongoing webinar series about what PSB is and how professionals can better address PSB to assist the children they work with.
  • Mobilized effective advocacy at the State House and Capitol Hill to secure critical funding.
  • Provided virtual trainings on advanced trauma therapy, clinical treatment for exploited youth, and our 11th Annual Healing, Hope, and Justice Conference, to ensure professionals across the state and region had access to high quality and relevant trainings on how to best serve child abuse victims.

Your donations will help us continue to grow and build a better future for the children who need it most.

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